Kelly Singh

Hi! I'm Kelly Singh. You may know me as Kelly Loubet. I've been in social media marketing since 2004, starting with forums and leading into blogging and influencer marketing, followed by social media branded accounts, community management, and content creation. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I live in Phoenix still with my husband, two teenage daughters, and 2 dogs. I've most recently been with Leslie's Pool Supplies corporate office, to launch their very first social media channels in nearly 60 years of business. It's been quite exciting. Now that things are off the ground, I'm ready for...

 Consultant /  Arizona

Carrie Morgan

Hi, I'm a keyword analyst, working with companies that produce content, prioritize SEO and want stronger results. They want more conversion. As a keyword analyst, I connect deep keyword research with buyer-intent to help clients identify their highest priority keywords, then integrate them into their website or content marketing. My data and insight helps them improve lead generation and conversion, so their budgets are spent more effectively. I have decades of experience in SEO, content creation, digital marketing and market positioning, and continually study things like usability, user experience, conversion and website architecture. Award-winning author. Founder of Modern Communicator.

 Consultant /  Arizona

Sheri Bennefeld

I work with entrepreneurial women who want help designing, promoting and delivering high value, high engagement live virtual events.  This usually looks like coaches, authors, attorneys, financial planners or other service business leaders who host educational programs and events. I combine my long career in learning and development with years of experience creating and promoting events for associations to bring a truly unique perspective. Plus, I just LOVE designing memorable experiences.

 Consultant /  Minnesota